October 2015

The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl

BzimkKTCMAAVO07The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl is one of the Fab Four recordings. This album has been out of print for almost 30 years and now a new release of the album has been announced with four new tracks which were not released when the album was first announced. This is now being billed as a completely new release as these four live tracks have never been released before.

Apparently, Capitol Studios have discovered few three-track tapes in US archives. They also claim that they are the better versions than the ones in London. George’s son, Giles Martin has overseen the album and he says that the technology has improves very much since his father’s time and that the clarity has been improved in the album. He also said that that the excitement is much greater.

Even though they say that the album is entirely new, they are not. The songs are improved in quality and are sold. Each time The Beatle’s album is remastered or reissued, they rise up the charts. The reason for keeping this album unreleased for decades seems like an attempt to increase the crowd’s appetite for the band. All in all, The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl is a good album.