December 2015

The Unwritten Rules To Be Followed At Music Festivals

elite-daily-music-festival-800x400-600x300Some of the unwritten rules fans should follow during a music festival is briefed below. Many fans are enthusiastic to take photographs and upload on Instagram. Remember the rules of photographer, do not take photos if you are placed too far away from the stage. If you are completely drunk remember you lose focus. Never elbow to the front when the Anthem of the Summer is played. Forcing through the crowd to check out a solo guitar feast is impolite. During the concert you stay in your place and do not try to create a jam.

Do not carry an acoustic guitar as it can only lead to singalongs. Bell tents have become part of the festivals and no wonder these are comfortable. But off late luxury items are have started to decorate the tents like coffee tent, sheepskin rug, mirrors, lamps and more. Never jump a queue, remember that there are people who have skipped food, water and basic necessities to catch this position. There is no excuse for pushing the queue and just throwing some people does not entitle you to get to the front of the queue. Keep the ground clean, do not litter or urinate on the premises and spill spoilage. There are rest rooms and garbage cans available, please use them.