September 2016

What's the Ultimate Workout Music to Get You Pumping?

whats-the-ultimate-workout-music-to-get-you-pumpingThe pulsing and pounding beat accompanying your workout keeps you going. You set your pace with the rhythm of whatever music you’re listening to or being played in the fitness/health centre. Music truly sets the mood. You can either feel relaxed, like when you hear soothing music while doing yoga, or feel energetic and rarin’ to go when you hear dance music for aerobics, Bokwa, Zumba or Sh’Bam or even while doing some reps on the best weight bench for home use you invested in a couple of months ago.  In the past, background music for exercise routines were standard, taken from the latest pop songs and dance music. Today workout music are carefully selected and remixed, to get you pumping to the hard-core beat. The music help exercisers to stay consistent and keep the pace.

Each fitness centre, gym or health club has its own favourite song selections but here’s what’s been getting popular.

The readers of Muscle and Fitness Magazine voted for their favourite workout music of all time, which included Eye of the Tiger (Survivor); Lose Yourself and Till I Collapse (Eminem), Work Hustle, Kill and Hungry (Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard); Can’t Be Touched (Body Head Bangerz); Good Feeling (Flo Rida), Back in Black, It’s A Long Way to the Top and You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC); Mama Said Knock You Out and Shut ‘Em Down (LL Cool J); Hit ‘Em Up (Tupac) and Killing in the Name (Rage Against The Machine).

When you are not motivated to exercise, it is difficult to lift your butt off the chair. But somehow, when you listen to upbeat music, whether it is dance music, hip-hop or rock, your body starts to move with the beat. Spotify has a list of ultimate workout music.

The Top 10 includes the following songs:

  1. Panda by Desiigner
  2. ‘Till I Collapse by Eminem
  3. One Dance by Drake
  4. Jumpman by Drake
  5. Power by Kanye West
  6. Lose Yourself (Soundtrack Version) by Eminem
  7. Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers
  8. Stronger by Kanye West
  9. Work by Rihanna
  10. I Took a Pill in Ibiza (Seeb Remix) by Mike Posner

The rest of the playlist includes This is What You Came For by Calvin Harris; Fifth Harmony’s Work from Home; Fort Minor’s Remember the Name featuring Styles of Beyond; Ni**as in Paris by Jay Z; Me, Myself & I by G-Eazy; Back to Back by Drake; My House by Flo Rida; Sorry by Justin Bieber; Black Skinhead by Kanye West and Trap Queen by Fetty Wap.

From the following lists, you can see the names of artists who have been the go-to when it comes to music that can motivate you to work out and break sweat while keeping in tune to the heart-pounding beat. Aside from the rock legends as AC/DC, Survivor and Metallica, to name a few, you’ll frequently see the name of Eminem, Kanye West and several other rock and hip-hop artists.

Let’s not leave out some other music greats and their popular songs – Beautiful Day by U2, Roar by Katy Perry, We Will Rock You by Queen and Fighter by Christina Aguilera.

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