Can Swimming Really Help with Your Singing Voice?

Can Swimming Really Help with Your Singing VoiceIf you are to ask professional singers how they have achieved a great singing voice, they would tell you that they have done swimming their entire lives. This might sound like a weird combination, but it works. When you spend more time swimming, it also helps improve your voice.

Technically, it is not the quality of your voice that changes, but on your ability to control your breathing while you sing. Take note that breathing is essential in hitting the high notes or in sustaining long notes. Without proper breathing, it would be difficult for you to achieve these singing goals.

According to experts, swimming helps in stretching out your rib cage. As such, it would be easier for you to inhale and exhale. While you are swimming, you have to put effort in breathing in to expand your rib cage and move from one area of the pool to another. This means that if you are breathing under a normal condition the next time around, it would be easier for you to do it.

You also could not breathe like usual when you are swimming. You have to hold your breath for a while before you breathe out. There are only certain instances when you are allowed to inhale and exhale. For most parts, you have to hold your breath up until you reach your goals. This helps you a lot in your training to sustain long notes while singing. It would be easier for you the next time around.

It is fun too

Practising to be a professional singer could be very stressful. You have to prove yourself worthy. You also have to compete with a lot of other great singers out there. You might also try as hard as you can, but you still end up not reaching your goal.

This is not how music is supposed to be. You should have fun while you are practicing how to sing. You should make the most out of your time instead of feeling like you are being punished.

This is why it helps a lot if you are swimming. You can have fun while practicing how to sing. You won’t even mind spending several hours on the pool. You won’t think as if you are practicing at all. You are just having fun on the water like a child.

Being a singer is a gift but there are a lot of factors affecting stage performance. In fact, even professional singers fail at times. This is also due to their nerves. Even if you sing really well if you are not relaxed while singing, it could affect your performance. You might be too stressed out that you won’t be able to reach high notes anymore. Worse, you could not even sing in tune. This could spell the end of your career.

Just take it easy

There is nothing wrong in aiming to be a popular singer. Just make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. You should also see to it that you are having fun while you are training in your chosen field. You can even buy an above the ground pool if you don’t have a pool at home. Play with your kids so you can practice while enjoying the presence of your kids at the same time. Check out for more information on these lovely pools. You should not have second thoughts in having them at home.

For sure, you can improve your singing voice while swimming. The best part is that you also become more psychologically equipped to perform in a large crowd if you are totally relaxed during the actual performance.

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